Although we both attended high school in Albany, our paths never crossed during those years. After college, Bailey moved back to Albany, while Corey moved to New York City and then to San Francisco. In 2010 Corey moved back to Albany to be closer to his mother who was sick at the time. One evening while out with friends and family, Corey’s eye brows caught Bailey’s attention from across the room! We sparked a conversation and by the end of the evening, we had planned our first date to be the following week. We are now happily married and look forward to our biggest adventure yet, raising a family.

We both place family as a top priority and have both seamlessly melded into each others clan. We are hard workers, share the same humor, are both animal lovers and adventure seekers. We have celebrated graduations, new jobs, the births of nieces and nephews and the simple joys of togetherness. We’ve also endured some difficult times including the loss of parents and have been each others greatest source of support. Although we share many of the same interests, one of our biggest strengths is that we respect each others differences enough to allow each other to maintain our own identities.

We will provide our future children with a well-rounded education and an endless support system of love and stability. We value dedicated family dinners, reading bedtime stories, and extracurricular activities. We plan to encourage whatever special and unique talents our future children may have.

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