Dylan is our affectionate golden retriever! He is a puppy at heart despite approaching his senior years. He loves squirrels, belly rubs, and curling up on your lap. Dylan originally belonged to Corey’s mother Cathie. After Cathie’s passing, Dylan lived briefly in New York City with Corey’s sister Caite. After some time, Dylan needed a little more space than the city could offer and he moved north to live with us. Dylan has been with us since 2012 and is loving the suburban life! He enjoys a backyard full of squirrels, bunnies, and an occasional deer, and long walks through the neighborhood. He has brought us so much joy every day. He is friendly and gentle towards all of our nieces, nephews and the children of our friends. We love him so much and we know he will be great with our future children.

The puppies, Moose and Murphy, are our newest addition. They are Labrador Retrievers with the typical lovable and playful spirit. Moose is bigger and bolder and seems to always lead his brother into mischief like digging holes in the backyard. Murphy is a more “go with the flow” kind of pup. We take them to puppy training classes and they are growing quickly! We have a dog walker come on days that Bailey works, to provide them with the care and socialization they need to help them grow up to be amazing adult dogs, like Dylan.

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