This is one of our favorite subjects! We are intensely close to our family and friends, and being with them brings us so much joy. Corey comes from a tight-knit family that all live within driving distance to one another. He has an older brother, an older sister, as well as a younger brother. Along with the siblings there are brothers- and sisters in-law as well as a handful of beloved nieces and nephews running around. Corey’s father lives just 30 minutes away with his wife. At least one holiday per year is spent together with the whole clan, and for other events like birthdays and vacations. Corey also has a very solid group of friends from college and high school that he sees regularly throughout the year.

Bailey comes from a slightly more complex family, but still close-knit nonetheless. Bailey’s two younger sisters are her best friends and she sees them both regularly. Bailey’s parents were divorced when she was young but the decision was amicable and the families were both able to provide a stable and loving environment. Bailey’s extended family includes numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins that we get together with for holidays and vacations. Whether it is Bailey’s maternal or paternal side that is getting together, there are never less than 20 family members in attendance! Both sides are warm and welcoming, and friends and neighbors are always welcome to join.

Bailey’s Family

Corey’s Family

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